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St. Cronan's Junior National School, Swords, Co. Dublin

Board of Management

The school's board of management is properly constituted, meets regularly and receives updates on financial matters. The board upholds the characteristic spirit of the school and a strong sense of community in which pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and the wider community work well together is promoted and practised. The board is committed to effective provision of education within the school and facilitates the formulation and adoption of policy documents as necessary.
It has played an active role in the development of aspects of school policy. Curriculum policy is drafted by teams of teachers and at a later stage presented to the board for review and ratification. The board is conscious of its statutory obligations and ensures compliance with the Department of Education regulations.
Very positive, supportive relationships exist between the board of management and the parents' association. The principal works closely with the chairperson of the board of management who visits the school regularly. Together they play a central role in facilitating a sense of ownership among the partners. Good communication is fostered through both formal and informal contacts. The board recognises its responsibility towards provision for continuous professional development for staff and a policy to streamline practice in this regard is being developed.

The B.O.M. consists of 8 members:
- 2 Nominees appointed by the Archbishop of Dublin, one of whom is the Chairperson. - 2 Teachers (The Principal Teacher and a representative elected by the staff). - 2 Parents elected by the parents body. (One who is a mother and one a father) - 2 community Representatives adopted by the other B.O.M members.

The school is affiliated to the C.P.S.M.A


Mary-Liz Donaghue - Chairperson

Edel Blake - Secretary to the BOM

Brid Palmer - Teacher Nominee

Doreen Keaney - Patron's Nominee

Darren Mc Allen - Parent's Nominee

Patricia Coughlan - Parent's Nominee & Treasurer

Paul Moreland - Community Nominee

Sheila Bourke - Community Nominee

All correspondence to members of the B.O.M. should be addressed to the Chairperson c/o St. Cronan's Junior School. This Board was elected in the autumn of 2023 and will govern the school for 4 years from that date.